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Complaints Against Department Employees

By the nature of their tasks, police officers are often placed in situations which are likely to generate tension, excitement and emotion. In such situations, police officers must remain neutral and words, actions and events may result in misunderstanding and confusion. Whether complaints involve a simple misunderstanding, or allegations of serious misconduct, it is the intent of the Collierville Police Department to resolve each complaint. The information contained below is a overview of the process the police department follows when complaints are received against any of its employees.

It is the policy of the Collierville Police Department to record and investigate fully, each complaint or allegation of misconduct against members of the department. Complaints, regardless of the nature, can be received in person, by mail or by telephone at any time. A written record will be made of all complaints against the police department or its employees. As part of the follow-up investigation activity, person making complaints by phone or by mail will normally be interviewed and may be requested to give or prepare a written, signed statement. Refusal to give a written statement will have no bearing on the completion of the investigation, but may affect the department's ability to take appropriate corrective action. Anonymous complaints will, however, be accepted and investigated to the extent possible.

Any person who desires to make a complaint against the police department or any of its members should call 901-457-2500 or come to the police department, located at 156 N. Rowlett, Collierville TN. 38017, and ask to speak to a Watch Commander (Lieutenant). If the complaint is on a supervisor or of a sensitive nature, the complaining party may elect to contact the Office of the Chief of Police for appropriate referral.

A written record is made of all complaints and forwarded to the Chief's Office. Each officer is notified as well.

All complaints are thoroughly investigated and the complaining party is notified of the findings. Allegations of serious misconduct may be referred to the department's Internal Affairs Unit and these investigations should normally be completed within 30 days.

The primary objectives of all such investigations are to determine whether an employee's conduct was lawful and proper; whether services provided by the department need to be improved or corrected; and to explain to citizens the rationale for certain action or inaction by officers when it is determined that they have acted within the scope of the law and have adhered to department policy.

The department or its members may take legal action against any person who intentionally makes false or malicious allegations, however no action would be sought against any person who has acted in good faith.

Persons under the age of 18 may make complaints, however, a parent or guardian must give their approval.

In certain cases, complaining parties may be asked to take a polygraph examination. If the disposition of the complaint substantiates improper conduct, appropriate action will be taken to prevent re-occurrences. IF the members actions are criminal, he/she will be dealt with like any other citizen.

We sincerely hope that complaining parties are satisfied with the results of the investigation. If, however, a party is not satisfied, they may contact the Town Administrator, or in some cases, the Attorney General's Office.

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