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The Collierville NW program proudly partners with more than 100 watch groups as small as a single cove and as large as a 500 home subdivision.  What they share is a commitment to safety and a partnership with the Collierville Police Department.  They recognize that the most effective way to deter crime is to watch out for each other and contact local police whenever they observe suspicious behavior or activities that may precede criminal acts.  Collierville police do not ask that you “patrol” but ask that you know your neighbors and their routines. When you know what is normal on your street, you learn what might be out of place.  Neighborhood Watch groups understand that crime targets the easy mark so they make their homes more secure by locking doors, keeping valuables out of sight, keeping garage doors down and not letting property look empty while on vacation.


  •       Contact CPD Community Services
  •       Meet with a Special Citizen Volunteer Watch Coordinator
  •       Recruit a Neighborhood Coordinator, Assistant and Block Captains
  •       Create a Neighborhood Directory

To establish a Neighborhood Watch, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  A representative with the Special Citizen Volunteers will assist you.  Each watch group has a liaison with CPD; the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator.  He or she recruits a Block Captain for every 8 to 10 homes or cove.  Block Captains distribute neighborhood watch flyers to advise residents on home security and provide the non-emergency phone number to report suspicious activity.  Each watch group maintains a directory of residents and contact information which is used to distribute information concerning crime events and trends. Homeowner association directories are well suited as watch directories.


  •      Put up Neighborhood Watch signs
  •      Provide Crime Prevention Materials
  •      Attend Meetings
  •      Communicate via email or telephone

Once the Coordinator and Block Captains create a directory and distribute flyers, Collierville Police arrange for a Neighborhood Watch sign to be placed at the entrances to the subdivision at no cost to residents.  A Neighborhood Watch representative with the Special Citizen Volunteers is available to meet with the watch group to announce the partnership and can attend subsequent gatherings and homeowner association meetings.  A District Officer or Watch Commander frequently attends Neighborhood Watch functions.

Collierville Police may occasionally contact Watch Coordinators concerning crime or police activity and then only when the information offered has relevance to that area and enables residents to act in a proactive way to avoid being victimized.  The Coordinator forwards the information to Block Captains who then forward to block residents.


To start a watch or to find out if you are in an existing watch group, contact Lieutenant Anthony of the Community Services Division  by calling  457-2562 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Provide Crime Prevention Materials
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