Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Bob White, who passed away this week.  Bob served many years as a Special Citizen Volunteer for the Collierville Police Department.

Bob at Square

Audrey Rogers with TriTech Software Systems training officers how to use the new records management software.

For several weeks, personnel with the Collierville Police Department have been going through training to utilize the Inform Records Management System (RMS) to more easily and efficiently manage records and reports.

Officer Shirkey promoted to the rank of Detective


When a position as detective came open recently in the Collierville Police Department, 11 patrol officers signed to compete in the process. After an intensive written examination, interviews, a reporting writing exercise and personnel file review, Officer Eric Shirkey finished at the top of the class.  Detective Shirkey was hired by CPD in 2003 following employment as a correctional officer for the Hardeman Correctional Facility. He joined the SWAT team in 2006, serving as an entry team member and team sniper. He received a degree in criminal justice from the University of Tennessee at Martin. Detective Shirkey has also served Collierville Police Department as a Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field Training Officer, Chemical Agent Instructor, Glock Pistol Armorer and recently as School Resource Officer for Collierville High School.

During a ceremony at Collierville Municipal Courthouse, Chief Larry Goodwin presented Detective Shirkey his shield with his fellow Officers, family, Town of Collierville Aldermen Tom Allen, Billy Patton, Vice Mayor Maureen Fraser and Town Administrator James Lewellen in attendance. He and wife, Laci are residents of Collierville and parents to daughter, Collins.

In accepting the promotion, Detective Shirkey said, “Being a Detective has always been my goal and I’m ready to get to work.”

Congratulations Detective Shirkey.

Collierville Crimestoppers needs your help!

On 01-05-14 at approximately 4:45P.M., a male white, approximately 5'08", with brown hair and a grey hoodie, was in a Collierville Business posing as a G-Tech employee.   

Shelby County Health Department Testing Their Proceedures

On the December 12th, the Shelby County Health Department will be conducting a door-to-door dispensing drill in order to test their capabilities in non-traditional medical countermeasure dispensing. They will be sending staff and volunteers out into the Collierville & Germantown communities surrounding Houston High (around 2800 households) to hang a tote bag containing an informational flyer, a sample (empty) pill bottle, and a survey with a pre-stamped envelope on the front door of each residence. They will be testing for time to deliver and also to get a feel for what the community thinks of this type of dispensing.

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