NASHVILLE –Chris Locke, Captain with the Collierville Police Department was among fourteen law enforcement officers from across Tennessee who were graduated from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Leadership Academy this month. This is the third class to go through the Leadership Academy.

Don't be a victim of a vehicle burglary

Over the past couple of weeks, the Collierville Police Department responded to calls where automobiles had been burglarized.  Our initial investigation has revealed that in just about every incident, the vehicles had items in plain view that would tempt a thief.  These incidents have occurred at various locations around town.

Career or Calling? Collierville’s Female Police Officers Talk

Sometimes you choose a job; sometimes it chooses you.

Officers Kimbrell and Fitts

Collierville Police Officer Summer Fitts talks about how she decided on a career in law enforcement:

"When I enrolled at the University of Memphis, my plan was to major in psychology. Then I took an introductory course in criminal justice. I knew after that first class that law enforcement was the career for me."

For other female members of Fitts’ police "family", the desire was already there. Madison Kimbrell and Amy Dabaldo both wanted a career where they would be doing something to help people on a daily basis. "I consider it a calling; there is nothing else I’ve ever thought about doing," said Dabaldo. Kimbrell said it’s about serving the community. She said talking with people on her daily patrol is where she learns exactly how to do that. "It could be something as simple as listening to someone who just needs to talk," she said.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s an… Unmanned Aircraft System?
Envisioning Unmanned Aircraft Systems, also known as drones, flying around our neighborhoods may appear to mimic science fiction, however, this futuristic technology is here today. Prices for a recreational drone with a camera now cost less than $1,000, making them widely available for anyone; almost 700,000 drones with cameras were sold in the United States in 2015. This accessibility and rising popularity raises a debate about intended purpose, regulatory measures and law enforcement.

Assistant Chief with Collierville Police Honored for Supporting Public Education

tillnerDavid Tillner, Assistant Chief with the Collierville Police Department, was awarded the C.H. Harrell Award by the Collierville Education Foundation at the Collierville Chamber Awards Gala on Friday, March 4, 2016. The C.H. Harrell Award is presented to an individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty in supporting education in Collierville.

Throughout Chief Tillner’s 27 years with the Collierville Police Department, he has been actively involved in charitable fundraising efforts supporting public education. Since the inception of the Car and Bike Show in 2000, Chief Tillner has dedicated countless hours every year for this event which has become known as one of the best car shows in the region, and featured in national car enthusiast publications.