Holiday Shopping Tips

CPD wants everyone to have a Happy Thanksgiving.  With Black Friday shopping coming up, here are some simple tips to prevent being a victim of crime.

Individuals should not leave their purses or wallets unattended while shopping.  Especially during the Holiday Season, criminals will be looking for the opportunity to victimize individuals that do not take precautions to minimize their risk of theft.

Only carry a minimal amount of credit cards when out shopping.  Do not carry your Social Security Card or PIN numbers in your wallet or purse. Leave these items in a secure place at home.  Taking the extra time to close your purse and keep it with you while shopping or in public places will reduce the opportunity for thieves to take wallets and other valuables.  Do not leave your purse or other valuables in plain sight unattended in your vehicle.  Secure them in the trunk. When possible walk to your car with someone or ask a store employee to walk with you to your car, especially after dark.

Individuals who are victims of purse / wallet theft or credit card theft should make a police report and contact their credit card companies to cancel the card and contact the three major credit reporting bureaus to place a fraud alert on the cards.

CPD will be out working hard during the holiday season. If you see anything suspicious, do not hesitate to contact CPD at (901) 853-3207 or if an emergency, call 911.