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Traffic Alert - Traffic Signal outage on Houston Levee at Wolf River

The traffic signal at Houston Levee Road and Wolf River Boulevard are intermittently flashing red due to conduit damage. The Town is working with the Contractor for repairs. The exact time frame for completed repairs is unknown at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you do go through this intersection and the light is malfunctioning, treat as a 4-way stop. You may want to consider an alternate route.

With the issue regarding this  traffic signal, we thought it would be good to remind everyone about what to do at a traffic signal if it is out.  If you find yourself at an intersection controlled by a traffic signal, and it is not working (usually due to a power outage, or a traffic collision damaging the controller) there are rules of the road to follow.

trafficlightTennessee Code Annotated 55-8-110, Traffic Control Signals, 8(c), indicates should the signal not work all drivers must come to a complete stop prior to entering the intersection. The rules for right-of-way are also to be followed. That means, if two cars arrive at the intersection at about the same time, the vehicle to the right has the right-of way to proceed through the intersection. Another situation that drivers might experience is a usual three light traffic signal that is flashing red or yellow.  In these instances the driver approaching the flashing light must obey the rules for the flashing color. If flashing red, the driver is to come to a complete stop before entering the intersection. If flashing yellow, the driver does not have to stop but must use caution entering the intersection.

The potential for traffic collisions increase at intersections when power outages occur and the signal is affected. Drivers are encouraged to use caution and pay particular attention to right-of-way and insure the intersection is clear before entering. Drive defensively!

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