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Collierville Police Dispatcher Helps Save a Life

Training is important. Execution of training coupled with the calm that comes with experience is even more important.

Recently, a dispatcher at the Collierville Police Department was able to use her training to help save a life. That’s what the job is about, but not every day is as dramatic as this one was.

Collierville Police Dispatcher Helps Save a Life

On April 17, 2017, Collierville Police Dispatcher Alex Javer (pictured) answered a 911 call from an elderly man. He was obviously upset, and told her that his wife was choking on a piece of meat. Javer could hear the woman, who sounded hysterical, in the background.

Javer began giving the man instructions on how to do the Heimlech maneuver. When he stated that he didn’t know if he could do it, Javer calmly encouraged him and instructed him to put the phone on speaker so he could follow her instructions. She encouraged him as he followed along, and after he had performed the maneuver seven times, the piece of meat was dislodged. Even though the couple said that all was well and they didn’t need an ambulance, Javer recommended they continue with the process just as a precaution.

"CPR calls are few and far between," said Javer, "but I was able to stay calm and do what I needed to do. It was after the call was over that I felt the need to calm down." Javer received a letter of commendation from the CPD for doing an excellent job and going above and beyond to keep the caller calm and focused.

All of the dispatchers at the Collierville Police Department are trained in life saving procedures and are certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD). They keep a card system with specific life saving techniques at their desk for situations like the one Alex Javer experienced on April 17.

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