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Collierville Police Department Uses Crime Mapping to Keep Residents In the Know

The Collierville Police Department (CPD) is taking advantage of every opportunity they can to communicate with residents about what is going on in the Town. One of the tools they are using is crime mapping, available through the web application Tip 411.

Crime mapping allows residents to input a specific address or an area and pull up information about what crimes have occurred there within a specific time range. Results can be filtered by the type of crime as well.

To access crime mapping on the CPD’s website, go to www.colliervillepolice.org and find "Crime Map" under the "Services" tab on the main menu. This will take you to the LexisNexis Community Crime Map, where you will enter your address or city name, range of dates, and select the types of crimes you want to see reflected on the map. As soon as you enter all of your information, icons representing different types of crime will pop up on the map in the areas where they occurred. If you click on an icon, you will get general information about the crime, such as time, date and general area. The CPD’s classification for that call and the case file number will also show, but names associated with the case will not appear. Watch a tutorial about accessing and using the crime map here.

Collierville Police Lieutenant David Townsend said the CPD’s call information is currently fed to the crime map 3 times a day, but the feed will be even faster in coming weeks as officers get updated technology in their vehicles.


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