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Collierville Officers Better Equipped after Citizens Police Donation

Residents giving back to the Collierville Police Department has been a growing trend over the past few years with the emergence of Cop Stop, high participation in National Night Out, and ironically, occasional doughnuts dropped off at the station. Gifts of appreciation are always welcome, however, there is a group with a mission to give more than just doughnuts – the Collierville Citizens Police Association gives 100% of their fundraising earnings to Collierville Police community programs, officer resources and training.

Trauma1aEarly this November, the Collierville Citizens Police Association (CCPA) donated 100 pocket medical kits for every CPD officer to carry while on duty; two kits were also donated for the canines on the K9 Unit. The need for the kits surfaced when the CCPA discovered that officers were purchasing these supplies themselves, and carrying a tourniquet in the field can be a necessity for survival.

In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security launched a nation-wide “Stop the Bleed” campaign to educate the public on the importance of knowing the steps to minimalize blood loss before emergency personnel arrives; a person can die from blood loss in just five minutes. The CCPA wanted to equip Collierville Police Officers with the tools and training needed to assist citizens or fellow officers with this lifesaving technique; each pocket medical kit includes a tourniquet, bandage, gauze, chest seal and gloves

Providing the medical kits for every officer was going to be a challenge financially, but the CCPA was able to reach their goal after receiving a grant from the Collierville Community Fund for $5,331.00.

“Through the generosity of the Collierville Community Fund, the CCPA was awarded a grant to purchase tourniquet kits for all Collierville Police Officers. Thank you for making our community and its citizens safer!” said Lee Race, CCPA Board Member.

Once the medical kits were delivered to the CPD, Detective Rich Mawyer, with a background as a paramedic, began facilitating the training for Trauma2apolice officers. The training is brief – only around 15 minutes – but is an invaluable skill that the CPD will utilize to better protect Collierville citizens.

“We hope that we never need to use these kits, but we want our officers to be prepared if the need arises,” commented Lieutenant David Townsend. “We appreciate the hard work and support of the Citizen’s Police Alumni Association”.

The CCPA’s work does not stop with the medical kits, they are moving on to the next goal of providing more Airsoft guns for the Strategic Tracking and Recovery Team exercises, and giving the CPD Challenge Coins as a way to distinguish divisions, honor officer dedication and boost morale. The CCPA will also continue to support the Citizen Police Academy, providing the free program for residents with uniform shirts, manuals, certificates and awards, and a graduation ceremony. If you are interested in learning more about the CCPA or supporting their efforts for the Collierville Police, visit their page on wheretogivemidsouth.org. 

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