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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Bob White, who passed away this week.  Bob served many years as a Special Citizen Volunteer for the Collierville Police Department.

Bob at Square

Robert “Bob” White was born in West Virginia and resided in Baltimore Maryland from 1936 to 1970.  Bob White is a World War II veteran having served in the US Army from 1945-1947.  Following his service to this country, he worked in the private sector and ultimately retired from General Motors AC Delco in 1987 with twenty five years of service.  Bob White moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1970 and subsequently to Collierville in 1988. Bob White has been married to his wife Marge for fifty seven years and they have three daughters.  In 1993 Mr. White was the first member of the Senior Citizen Volunteer Program (now known as the Special Citizen Volunteer Program with twenty five members), and soon five other new members joined him in their service to the community. Mr. White was responsible for bringing Lifeblood to Collierville and is a fifty gallon donor to this life saving cause.  Bob White is also a member of the Collierville Community Family Violence Council, one of the original members of Community Emergency Response Team and is a Leadership Collierville alumnus.  Bob White has dedicated countless volunteer hours with the goal of making his community a safer and happier community to raise a family within. Mr. White has on several occasions averaged over a thousand volunteer hours a year in serving the Collierville community. SCVP volunteer Bob White has assisted in organizing one hundred five neighborhood watch groups within the Town and has been instrumental for fifteen years in assisting in organizing the Town’s annual “National Night Out Against Crime.”  The Neighborhood Watch neighborhoods have proven to be an effective means for getting citizens to take positive steps to protect themselves and their neighbors against crime.  The Watch groups that Mr. White has helped organize have helped restore the “front porch” feeling to Collierville and have increased the belief within the community that our residents are working toward a common purpose of making our homes safe from crime. Mr. White has become a fixture at special events such as the town’s Fourth of July Celebration, fall celebrations, and the Christmas events.  Mr. White always possesses a “can do attitude” anytime his services are called upon. Bob White does not seek personal recognition for the service that he renders the community.  This volunteer epitomizes unselfishness and never seeks accolades for his service to the Town of Collierville.  Bob White is the recipient of the Life Saving Award from this department having stopped a reckless driver who was driving up on a sidewalk by blocking his vehicle and removing the keys from his possession.

Not too many years ago, Police Volunteer White held up a picture that a five year old had presented him.  Mr. White was given this picture as he crossed school children across the street at a Town elementary school.  The picture was nothing more than a series of scribbles and its meaning was not clear.  Bob White stated that he had asked the youth about the picture’s meaning.  The child responded, “It says that I love you Mr. Policeman.”  Mr. White had choked up with moist eyes.  At that moment, it was clear that he had received a cherished gift from the most special of all our citizens, one of the Town’s children.  Robert “Bob” White’s has shown a total commitment to improving the Collierville, Tennessee community.  Bob White is an outstanding community volunteer, who has had an extraordinary impact within the Police Department that he works and on the community that he resides.   It is the pleasure of the Collierville Police Department to recognize the service of Mr. Bob White with this award in appreciation for his dedicated service to the Collierville Police Department and to the citizens of the Town of Collierville.

Visitation for Bob White will be from 5-8 PM at the Collierville Funeral Home on Weds. 3/26.  On Thursday, services will be held at the Incarnation Church at 10 AM.  

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