Patrol Division
Swat Unit

The Special Weapons and Tactics Team's (S.W.A.T.) mission is to provide the Collierville Police Department with a well-trained unit capable of responding to and resolving critical incidents.

  • Unit Responsibilities:
  • Barricades/Hostage
  • Protection Services
  • Warrant Service
  • High-risk apprehension

Created in 1988, the unit now consists of an 8-member team, including entry officers, sniper, scouts, and the team Commander.

Training: Unit trains monthly and attends no less than 40 hours of team training annually. Additionally, team members receive specialty training in their designated assignments.

Schools attended:

  • T.E.E.S (Hostage Rescue) Marion, AR
  • Shelby County Sheriff's Advanced
  • S.W.A.T School, Memphis, TN
  • U.S. Army SRT, Dignitary Protection
  • Field Tactical Navigation courses

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